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Voice acting projects come in all sizes, themes, lengths and budgets. Your location in the world can make a difference, too. Medical and Technical Corporate Narrations, Presentations, IVR/Phone Systems, Multimedia Website content, Games and Toys all require different efforts and time. Consequently, the rates can vary widely as well.

But do you have the budget for a professionally recorded voiceover?

To help me assess your needs and prepare an appropriate estimate for your project, you can quickly and easily provide me with the necessary information by completing the following form:

Voiceover Project Assessment Form

Please provide as much information about your voice needs as possible and I'll contact you.

You can also discuss your project with me by email at corson@corsonbremer.com or call +33 (0)6 2211 2954.
If calling from North America, you can call 1 (253) 785-0351.