H. Corson Bremer's Biography

It's not talk, it's communication.

Corson has been in the business of communication for almost thirty years and spanning two continents. His education was multi-dimensional and included technical communication, theater (both technical and performance), pre-medicine, and Western philosophy.

As a stage actor, writer, director and voice talent, he has participated in more than 100 stage plays, readings and radio drama productions. These skills also fueled a 9-year career in radio as a presenter and as a writer, producer and voice talent for commercials, branding, and liners.

Since arriving in France from the USA in 1990, he has also used his voice and acting talents to reinforce his technical writing career to voice multimedia presentations and tutorials he has written for his international employers, as well as providing simultaneous translation for artistic presentations (French to English as part of a theater company) and narration and character acting for French clients' web-based e-learning courses.

In 2007, Corson broke into the international video game market by providing 2 character voices for the North American release of Ubisoft's computer game "Alexandra Ledermann 8" (known as "Petz: Horsez 2" in North America). And in 2009, Corson used his talents once again with Ubisoft voicing several characters for their 2010 worldwide release of Red Steel 2 for the Nintendo Wii. He continues to create different characters for video games, animation and machinima.

Corson's education and experience make him especially qualified for scientific, technical, medical, and pharmaceutical voice over projects.